Searching For Mochi

Dear Mochi,

I tried to find you during New Year’s in Japan. I have never given up. I just wanted to give you a present, some Legos. They were always your favorite. Maybe I’d get to speak to you or give you a hug. I walked seventeen miles through the snow and rain, over two days, trying to locate your grandparent’s house. I was hoping you might visit there for the holidays.

On New Year’s Day, with the help of another parent, Mr. Yanagihara, we arrived to deliver your gift. Your grandmother opened the door initially, but shut and locked it quickly. Through the locked door, we pleaded with her to accept the gift and give it to you. She hollowly claimed she didn’t know where you were. In the background, I heard her make a phone call. Was it to your mother, warning her to not come over? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. She had a small opportunity to doing something right and she failed.

This is not over. Mochi, you are always in my heart.



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