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Though I had legal custody since 2007, Mochi was abducted to Japan by his mother in June 2010. I have been working for his safe return home ever since. In April 2014, I was finally recognized as the sole custodial parent in Japan, too. In September 2017 the Toyama Family Court in Japan again ruled the my U.S. custody is legal in Japan and denied the kidnapping parent legal rights under Japanese law. This still hasn’t allowed Mochi to be returned home. I also volunteer my time as Executive Director of the U.S. based non-profit organization Bring Abducted Children Home (BAC Home)  and as a founding partner in The Coalition To End International Parental Child Abduction and The Kidnapped to Japan Reunification Project.

At an April 11, 2018 Congressional hearing U.S. Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Chris Smith call for more to be done to bring Mochi and other children home from Japan. Rep. Chris Smith declared “Sanctions work… If Japan doesn’t get it… it is time to lower the boom.”

On October 28, 2017, I briefed The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, (also known as the Helsinki Commission) on the crime of international parental child abduction. The briefing highlighted the need for “participating states and partners in cooperation to take strong unified action toward Japan for its ongoing violation of the spirit and intent of The Hague Abduction Convention and intentional denial of human and family rights.”

In May 2017, U.S. Representative Chris Smith made a public plea to “return Mochi to his loving father.”

On March 25, 2015, I testified to the U.S. Congress about Mochi’s kidnapping and the 400 cases of U.S. children abducted to Japan since 1994.

In April 2012, I spoke before the California State Senate about International Parental Child Abduction.

June 13, 2014- Jeffery Morehouse speaks about his son’s kidnapping to Japan and International Parental Child Abduction at the 2014 Parents Equality Rally at the Washington State Legislature Building.

In September 2013 I organized another event for Parents of Internationally Kidnapped Children and supporters. We gathered to deliver letters addressed to the Prime Minister of Japan to consulate officials at an event near Seattle. There was one letter for each of the 74 cases listed on the Bring Abducted Children Home website. They outlined Japan’s violations of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and obligation to address the kidnapping and retention of children. This was the Government of Japan’s response to our kidnapped children…

2014_03_31_MarchOnDC_02In Washington D.C. with supporters and parents of internationally kidnapped children.

2014_03_31_Congressman SmithAddressing the media with BAC Home leadership and Congressman Chris Smith after meeting Japanese Embassy officials.

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